Diagnostics & Treatments

Diagnostics & Treatments


Diagnostic ultrasound has revolutionised veterinary medical practice as a non-invasive way to explore internal organs safely, without the need for sedation (in most cases).  We recently invested in a top of the range ultrasound machine to improve our diagnostic capacity.  Applications include investigating disease of the abdominal organs and cardiac investigations.  Our surgeons’ skill in ultrasonography has significantly reduced the number of exploratory surgeries needed to treat our patients.

Digital Radiography

Accurate, reproducible x ray images are a vital part of investigating emergency trauma, orthopaedic problems, and abdominal and thoracic diseases. We have a fantastic high- resolution digital radiography unit enabling us to perform X-rays as needed for patient investigations, and keep sedation or anaesthetic time to a minimum.


Our surgeons are highly trained and we constantly upgrade our endoscopy facilities to be able to provide the best service to our patients.  We perform gastro-intestinal, bronchial, nasal and bladder examinations via endoscopy. The non-invasive nature of endoscopy is a great asset for performing examinations, taking biopsies and retrieving foreign objects. This is a huge technological step in veterinary medicine to be able to perform these non-invasive procedures, and we feel privileged to be moving with the research and technology to improve patient diagnostics and care.


Dental disease is something most of our pets will experience at some point in our lives and our team are passionate about raising awareness about how dentistry can affect our patients. Our extensive dental equipment includes digital radiography and we perform preventative dental procedures and extractions when necessary. Our nurses, Sam and Ingrid run tremendous nurse clinics to give full support on preventative home dental care.

Laboratory Analysis

Our in-house laboratory provides us with an unrivalled and amazing point-of-care service. We have multiple blood and urine analysis machines that facilitate rapid diagnosis of many medical diseases. The machines also aid in preparing patients for anaesthesia and provide vital information about our patients’ metabolic status. We perform diagnostic cytology routinely using our high-resolution phase-contrast microscope, supporting our ability provide a rapid and appropriate surgical or medical solution to our patients’ problems. We also use an external laboratory to complement the range of in-house diagnostics we perform and have an overnight courier which ensures we receive most results by the next day.

Anaesthesia and Surgery

We understand that the worry behind preparing your family pet for an anaesthetic is an anxious time. We guarantee to support you throughout the whole process, and will always answer any questions you may have, and be there throughout post-operative care. Whether it is for a routine neutering procedure, or something more worrying, we always give our highest level of care pre, during, and post procedure.

Our Veterinary Surgeons are highly trained in many different surgical procedures and techniques, and our Registered Veterinary nurses are trained to a high level to help support your patient through that process. We feel very strongly about providing a stress-free time at our clinic, which is why we also feel strongly about appropriate pain management for your pet.

Both our vets and nurses are constantly undertaking CPD on pain management, surgical skills, and anaesthesia monitoring to ensure your family pet has the highest level of care we can give.


We have been using myotherapy as an adjunct to our patient care for a few years in order to move beyond just using pain relief. Myotherapy is a specialised, targeted massage involving soft tissue and joint mobilisation techniques. It improves muscle function by treating tight, shortened muscles, corrects postural compensatory issues, reduces pain perception, and improves mobility.

We are very lucky to have Luisa Greig MSc, BSc, Dip Canine myotherapy, working with us and she helps add to the holistic approach needed to manage chronic pain. Her calm and confident manner, and her professional approach in working with patients in pain has brought about a marked improvement in return to function in a significant number of patients.


We believe that we are what we eat, and many of us are now taking our own nutrition more seriously. the interest in human nutrition has spread to the veterinary profession. Nutrition is the cornerstone in ensuring animal health. All members of our team are trained to provide nutritional advice for all life stages, from your tiny puppy and kitten to those lovely golden oldies. 

Importantly, clinical diets supporting treatments for many diseases have now progressively become the mainstay of managing many pets’ ailments. Rest assured our team are a tremendous resource and bring the latest knowledge as part of our patients’ management. 

Repeat prescriptions are available by calling the surgery and for most medications prescriptions can be repeat for up to 6 months. A consultation may be required for an ongoing medical prescription and written prescriptions are available on request.


Our Team

Our team of experts offer the highest quality of care to our patients

Meet the team
  • Thank you so much for being such an amazing veterinarian surgery.I am so pleased I chose to move to you and I am recommending others to you that are not happy with their vets that have been sold on recently. I really hope that people listen to my recommendation.

    Blu & Berri have healed really nicely and are both doing extremely well which I expected nothing less after how well they were treated whilst in for their operations and under your care. Everyone I have dealt with since my first phone call enquiring about changing my dog to you and registering the rabbits have gone above and beyond to be friendly and as helpful as possible. I could not be happier. Thank you all. These two are definitely happier too…
    Miss Tyrrell, Guildford
  • Amazing care and attitude every time I take my pet here. The receptionists , nurses and vets are all amazing and take great care of my little dog and are always so happy to see her. Thank you
    Mariya Angelova, Guildford
  • Thank you Sam and for all the care you, Catherine and all at Cape gave Finch yesterday. It was good to know that I could leave him and he would be well looked after. I'm always confident of the care and expertise at Cape no matter who we see but also appreciate the continuity of care we are able to receive from whoever we see initially with the issue. Special thanks to Catherine for her care of Finch yesterday.
    Mrs Frankland, Guildford
  • I would very much recommend this practice. We have used it for our cat for 12 years now and have never felt that she has been over treated. It is a genuinely cat friendly practice and all the staff I have met have been caring and helpful.
    Chris Parkinson, Guildford
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to Mike who got Katie as "right as rain" when she was poorly just before Christmas

    He even called me on Christmas Day to see how Katie was - what excellent client service!

    This veterinary clinic goes that extra mile

    I would highly recommend them
    Mrs Hunt, Guildford
  • A lovely email from one of our clients:

    A huge thank you to you and your entire team, for your care and assistance during this dreadful year. I cannot express our gratitude enough for the fact that you are always available for Kit. Ten thousand thank yous, would not express our gratitude enough.

    In grateful appreciation

    Jo, Guildford
  • This is just a quick Email to thank all the staff at Cape Vets and in particular Veterinarian Mike Pauckert for the care and attention given to our Chihuahua Peanut when we brought her in for an unscheduled caesarean section late yesterday afternoon.....

    Despite the lack of notice, Mike and his staff took her in and performed the operation with obvious affection for the animals in their charge and professionalism in their work. After a couple of hours of anxious anticipation we had the result: four bouncing baby Chihuahuas and a very happy and contented mother (see photo attached!).

    We are very, very grateful to Mike and the team for taking us on at such short notice and apologise for any over-run of opening hours that the operation required. You have our everlasting gratitude for going 'above and beyond'....

    Now that we've found an excellent Vets we'll be back!
    Phil and Linda Cater, Surrey
  • We cannot praise Cape Veterinary Clinic highly enough for the care and support they gave when our cat was seriously ill. Our cat was cared for by Douglas Hall and we had the opportunity to talk to him daily, he also went above and beyond to help us out of hours which we will never forget. Coronavirus restrictions made the situation much harder but this was managed in an excellent way and didn’t diminish the ability to contact the clinic or for them to show real care and empathy on the phone. I couldn’t wish for a better veterinary clinic as the whole team, from the vets, to the nurses, to the reception team, all care so much about the animals but also the family at the other end. We would always recommend using Cape Vets - thank you.
    The Powell Family, Merrow
  • Highly recommend. AMAZING vets and staff. We can’t thank enough you for all that you have done for our
    Harley 💙🐾
    The Hamill Family, Guildford
  • The kindness and generosity of strangers. Douglas Hall did an emergency op on our dog Bella to extract a fractured tooth that is causing an abcess. We don't have a car so the Vet brought her home after the operation, keeping us safe by helping us avoid public transport during the time of COVID - 19.

    Very kind and generous of you. Thank-you! You can count on our continued support.
    Bella's Family, Guildford
  • 5*
    I’ve not been registered with Cape Vets for long, but I’m so glad I am! Both my dogs have been seen there recently for two different issues and the services had been impeccable. I wanted a personal service, rather than the ‘bigger brands ‘ and you certainly get this here. Vets, nurses, and reception staff are all friendly and kind. This vets practice is more forward thinking to different aspects of animal care which is a huge plus for me, My dogs actually like going there to see the staff, thank you all for looking after Elsie and Stanley so well
    The Tomlin Family, Guildford
  • They are amazing! Can't recommend the Cape Vets team highly enough after our crazy canine (Storm) upset an entire hive of bees who inflicted their angry, worst on him (20-25 stings).
    I know he got the best love, care and attention because he now drags me into the surgery with a wonderful enthusiasm! They were super with me too and answered all my queries and concerns patiently allowing me to fully understand his predicament and recovery.
    Storm is now fully recovered (though still has a fondness for buzzy things!)😉
    The Hope Family, Guildford
  • I joined the Cape Veterinary Clinic 14 years ago when I rescued our first two cats and have since rescued two more. Throughout the highs and lows of pet ownership Douglas and his team have been nothing short of superb. I had no doubt I was receiving the best advice, but more than that I knew they all understood my cat's character because they had spent time getting to know her and tuning into her personality. She celebrated her 16th birthday last week and is back in the best of health. I have no hesitation in recommending this practise.
    The Mainwaring Family, Guildford

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