Our Patient Charter

We will ensure to treat your pet as our own and keep your pet visit as stress free as possible.

Our Patient Charter is the cornerstone of how we work with you and your pet to provide the exceptional level of care that you have come to expect from The Cape Veterinary Clinic

We passionately promise: 

  • To treat your pet with compassion and empathy, and to maximise their comfort during their time with us
  • To the best of our ability and judgment to apply the knowledge we have gained through our learning and our experience to treat your pet to the best of our ability
  • To always remember that there is art to medicine as well as science and to respect that warmth and sympathy are sometimes more important than any treatment we provide
  • To do our utmost to prevent disease wherever possible as prevention is always better than cure
  • To respect that each individual client has a unique and personal expectation and that we will endeavour to work with clients to provide the best care for your pet
  • To respect the dignity of each patient in illness and in death, and to always treat animals as sensitive and sentient souls

We are an ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic! 

We understand that it can be quite nerve-wracking when it is time to bring your cat in to visit us, for both you and your furry feline! Cats, unlike dogs, are not used to travelling out of their own territories, and often find the entire experience quite stressful. 

We are proud to be a silver cat friendly clinic. In summary this means, every member of our team is trained in handling and treating cats. We have a strict ‘no scruff’ policy, and ensure that our practice is as feline friendly as we can make it. We have a separate cat and dog ward, and truly treat your cats with a ‘minimal handling’ approach. We feel both your cat, and us as clinicians benefit most from this examination approach. Sam, our head nurse, has a certificate in feline nursing, and is passionate about cat behaviour, and minimising stress in our feline patients. 

To learn more about the Cat Friendly Clinic Scheme visit: https://catfriendlyclinic.org/ 

We also welcome any feedback, positive and negative, as although as we feel this is something we are good at, we are constantly striving to improve our patient care.

Our Team

Our team of experts offer the highest quality of care to our patients

Meet the team
  • This is just a quick Email to thank all the staff at Cape Vets and in particular Veterinarian Mike Pauckert for the care and attention given to our Chihuahua Peanut when we brought her in for an unscheduled caesarean section late yesterday afternoon.....

    Despite the lack of notice, Mike and his staff took her in and performed the operation with obvious affection for the animals in their charge and professionalism in their work. After a couple of hours of anxious anticipation we had the result: four bouncing baby Chihuahuas and a very happy and contented mother (see photo attached!).

    We are very, very grateful to Mike and the team for taking us on at such short notice and apologise for any over-run of opening hours that the operation required. You have our everlasting gratitude for going 'above and beyond'....

    Now that we've found an excellent Vets we'll be back!
    Phil and Linda Cater, Surrey
  • We cannot praise Cape Veterinary Clinic highly enough for the care and support they gave when our cat was seriously ill. Our cat was cared for by Douglas Hall and we had the opportunity to talk to him daily, he also went above and beyond to help us out of hours which we will never forget. Coronavirus restrictions made the situation much harder but this was managed in an excellent way and didn’t diminish the ability to contact the clinic or for them to show real care and empathy on the phone. I couldn’t wish for a better veterinary clinic as the whole team, from the vets, to the nurses, to the reception team, all care so much about the animals but also the family at the other end. We would always recommend using Cape Vets - thank you.
    The Powell Family, Merrow
  • Highly recommend. AMAZING vets and staff. We can’t thank enough you for all that you have done for our
    Harley 💙🐾
    The Hamill Family, Guildford
  • The kindness and generosity of strangers. Douglas Hall did an emergency op on our dog Bella to extract a fractured tooth that is causing an abcess. We don't have a car so the Vet brought her home after the operation, keeping us safe by helping us avoid public transport during the time of COVID - 19.

    Very kind and generous of you. Thank-you! You can count on our continued support.
    Bella's Family, Guildford
  • 5*
    I’ve not been registered with Cape Vets for long, but I’m so glad I am! Both my dogs have been seen there recently for two different issues and the services had been impeccable. I wanted a personal service, rather than the ‘bigger brands ‘ and you certainly get this here. Vets, nurses, and reception staff are all friendly and kind. This vets practice is more forward thinking to different aspects of animal care which is a huge plus for me, My dogs actually like going there to see the staff, thank you all for looking after Elsie and Stanley so well
    The Tomlin Family, Guildford
  • They are amazing! Can't recommend the Cape Vets team highly enough after our crazy canine (Storm) upset an entire hive of bees who inflicted their angry, worst on him (20-25 stings).
    I know he got the best love, care and attention because he now drags me into the surgery with a wonderful enthusiasm! They were super with me too and answered all my queries and concerns patiently allowing me to fully understand his predicament and recovery.
    Storm is now fully recovered (though still has a fondness for buzzy things!)😉
    The Hope Family, Guildford
  • I joined the Cape Veterinary Clinic 14 years ago when I rescued our first two cats and have since rescued two more. Throughout the highs and lows of pet ownership Douglas and his team have been nothing short of superb. I had no doubt I was receiving the best advice, but more than that I knew they all understood my cat's character because they had spent time getting to know her and tuning into her personality. She celebrated her 16th birthday last week and is back in the best of health. I have no hesitation in recommending this practise.
    The Mainwaring Family Family, Guildford
  • Fantastic vet clinic with the kindest staff. We sadly lost one of our pets recently and we had so much comfort and support. Sam (the Head vet nurse) was amazing and I’d definitely recommend this vet clinic to all pet owners.
    The Shrubb Family, Guildford

We Would Love to Care for Your Pets

Whether you’re looking to register your pet, or you’re already part of the family, we’ll put them at the heart of everything we do.